Until recent times to see a website desktop or laptop were the two options left but with the inception of smartphones, tablets, and by the grace of speedy internet clicking a website is just a matter of touch literally!! Viewing a website is the most important thing for an audience and hence comes to the concept web designing strategy.

Every year some changes, modifications arrive to create a beneficial impact on the web designers in Egypt so that they create something more meaningful, more high end and visually stunning while designing websites. 2014 has already experienced introduction of new concepts like parallax scrolling, typography, and few other things. Now is the time of 2015 to experience something new positive inclusion in the list.

Below is the list of 7 important points that cannot be ignored while designing a website.



Instead of using the available templates create templates that are more comfortable and in sync with the requirement of the website. While designing the website as a designer you should not forget the main use of the website that is to share information. Think from the point of view of the user and not from the view of the designer when you are designing one. Give design that is not too complicated to handle by the business owner or for the users.


2- draw the concept

Before you actually start to design the website, its always better to draw whatever concept you are creating in your brain. That way it would be easier for you to think better, you will be able to visualize everything in front of your eyes. Your thoughts and ideas about how you are viewing the website will get a concrete shape and while giving it final projection in the form of the website in real time your design will give the much better result for the users.


3- Responsive

Responsive design is the flavor of all seasons. Do not limit your knowledge in website design only for desktop and laptop. Use responsive design for all the gadgets that are going to be used to see the website. Responsive design is something, where coding is very important as too many nitty-gritty, is there to follow. Therefore, as a designer have to have sound knowledge of responsive design concepts. The basic idea behind the responsive design is to create such design that will fit all screens whether it is of laptops, desktops, smartphones or tablets properly and seamlessly.


4- Navigation Bar

The function of the navigation bar is most vital in web design because this is the part through any user would interact with the site. Make the navigation bar in sync with the concept of the website. Give proper and bold headings for all the tabs that would describe exactly what it means. Do not make it complicated so that the user lost his path midway and leave the site. Use intelligent icons and signs to state the meaning of each tab in the navigation bar.


5- Image

The image is another important aspect you must take into account while designing a website. People get attracted by colorful images so the use of big, colorful images are quite essential for the website. Choose bright color images from the good site. Don’t hesitate to spend some bucks if you need to buy images to give your design that X-factor.


6- Color 

The new trend in website design in Egypt 2015 is using rich and monochrome color in the website. Go for bright dazzling color for the background as well as inside the website. Choose one color and give multiple variations to it create the mystic feeling among the audience.


7- Content

Whether you accept it or not content is the real hero of any website. Content is something that will help the website to stand out from the crowd. Hence, the website should have rich, meaningful content to track the right audience. 


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