As a branding agency in Egypt, Road9 Media has been offering their clients distinguished, attractive and professional business cards in Egypt.

Although Digital media conquers our communication world, Business cards still one of the most powerful contact point in professional circles. It is a wrong approach to think that social media and Smartphones connections can replace the printed business cards.


A website or Linkedin profile can be lost in the crowd but an attractive, memorable business card in hand cannot.  In addition Business cards still, show the personal touch in communication. Creating a business card that shows the most important information without unnecessary additions and unprofessional appearances can be difficult and need professional card design.


Below are the reasons why it’s important and relevant in today’s digital age to include business cards in your business plan which all branding agencies need to follow.

  • Your Contacts Expect Business Cards. Today’s professionals are overwhelmed with emails and requests. Let your business card be a creative reminder. When you are meeting in person, networking with business cards is an easy and affordable approach to reconnecting in the future after your initial meeting.


  • Business Cards Get Attention and Showcase Personality. A creative or custom designed card portrays more than just a name and phone number, it is also your brand personality. Make your card stand out by using a professional printing service that offers a variety of patterns and colors to create visual appeal.


Business cards in Egypt

Business people in Egypt are using business cards as a first gate with people they met. Therefore, an increasing demand for business card design is here. Thus, Business card design in Egypt need to follow some simple rules for a memorable one:-

  1. Professional Graphic designer or agency is the first need for a professional business card.
  2. Keep it simple: Creativity is simplicity. So creativity doesn't need to be much fancy to be memorable. Also, there is no need for extra text or info that is not needed.
  3. Use of the standard business cards dimensions worldwide.
  4. Keep the back of the card blank or just the logo on the solid background is enough.


Many success stories have been added to our portfolio over the past years as a corporate identity design company, check more about Road9 Media business card design projects.