Amazon Beginnings

It all started in 1994 when Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO of Amazon), who still lived in New York, read an article about the imminent spread of e-commerce market and decided I had to do absolutely anything. He drew up a list of twenty products that could be sold through a website and chose among them who he believed were the 5 most promising: CD, software, hardware, video cassettes and books. The choice, initially fell precisely in the latter. In the same year, Bezos quit his position as vice president at DE Shaw New York and moved to the east coast of the United States. Precisely in Bellevue, Washington. There he established the headquarters of (former name of the company) in the garage of his home.


However needed a name of impact. A name that was exotic and mysterious at the same time, but that might be common and familiar to people, besides conveying a sense of power. And above all a name that began with A because of the web searches alphabetically ordered lists. Therefore, Jeff Bezos was analyzed in the dictionary all words beginning with A to find the one that would change his life, literally. It was love at first sight. The word found was Amazon as it included all the features mentioned above. In fact it was a word known by most people, and yet exotic and powerful time (that is the name of the longest river in the world), and most importantly, beginning with A. It may seem strange but the World's largest e-commerce, owes its name to the search carried out by its current CEO.


Amazon initially was just a small group of people who packaged and sent books by the United States. The development plan drawn up by its founder stipulated that in the first five years of operation, the company had not produced useful but losses. However, someone believed in this idea and made a large investment in the project: the first was Nick Hanauer, who invested $ 40,000 in Amazon, followed a few months later by Tom Alburg, which brought $ 100,000. In 2001 alone, the company started to generate profits.


Meanwhile, in those seven years, the company founded in a garage on the outskirts of the city of Seattle had come a long way. In July 1995, opened the website and the first book sold and shipped was "Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought" by Douglas Hofstadter. In the months of activity, Amazon experienced a huge success thanks to the combination of a huge and cheap prices. In short, Amazon had already become an Internet phenomenon. But all this was not enough to Bezos. In fact, a few months later, they were given the ability for users to leave their opinions about books purchased. So it was that Amazon, simple e commerce site, became a true community where people helping and advising others about their purchases. In 1997, Amazon landed in the stock market and at the same time, increased its turnover. CDs and movies are added to the catalog, followed a year later by software, consumer electronics, video games, toys and household utensils. In 1998 Amazon, which had even started selling outside the borders of the United States, opened offices in the UK and Germany. The following year, Bezos was honored by Time magazine with the title "Man of the Year" for his achievements in global electronic commerce.


Amazon In The New Millennium

Instead, the early years of the new millennium were rather turbulent. In a few months Bezos was forced to lay off about 1,000 employees and Amazon was on the verge of bankruptcy. The founder and CEO of the company decided not to give up and continue on your adventure. And time proved him right. Amazon gradually recovered and returned to growth, further expanding its catalog and profits. This also due to the irresistible urge to innovate and impress by Bezos. In 2007, for example, introduced in the market a parallelepiped of plastic with a 6-inch display with 16 shades of gray. It was the first reader of e-books in Amazon's history: the first version of Kindle.


And since then, the world of reading has not returned to the same thing through Amazon.