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How To Make Money With Google AdSense

If you have a website, mobile application or YouTube channel, you can make some money or more if you want and you optimize enough, one of the most popular programs on the Internet ads, AdSense. So you will be working part-time and get profits that can become your main source of income.

This is a complete guide to getting started with Google AdSense so you can make money with your website just working online. Is this guide will show you that is AdSense, the steps to create your account and tips to improve your income as quickly as possible.

What is AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising network created by Google. Its operation is quite simple, if you have a blog, web page or YouTube channel, you can choose to display advertising on them. The ads are provided by Google and can be text, image, video or other interactive advertisements. In addition, AdSense ads are contextual, meaning that the ads displayed on your site will be as possible related to the topic of this website.

Each time a visitor to your web property (Blog, website, YouTube channel, etc) click on an ad, Google will pay you a percentage commission, this is where you'll get the revenue. This means that AdSense ads are CPC (cost-per-click), and the amount of income that you receive for each click on your web property varies by content type this, the ad type and location of the visitor making the click.

Google AdSense is an advertising network quality, so always maintain a high level of quality and any suspicious activity on an AdSense publisher, and not allowed to use more methods clicks, you can have your account is disabled for life. Read carefully the AdSense program policies.

Create your AdSense account

Create an AdSense account is a simple process, one must have read your web property (blog, page, Youtube, etc) and follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your web property meets the AdSense program policies.
  2. Sign up for an AdSense account and activate your site.
  3. Implement ads on your site.

Once you've done this, your site will be reviewed within 48 hours and meanwhile, in the spaces where you put ads, a single space is blank. Once your site is approved, the ads begin to appear on your site and start earning money every time someone clicks on one of them.

How To Make More Money With Google AdSense?

Once your site has been approved, you show some AdSense ads and start to earn a few dollars, ask yourself: Can I make more money with this ad network? The answer is yes. Here I leave some tips to maximize your income with AdSense:

  • Try using some of the following ad sizes, as it is proven that they are the ones that work best to attract visitors to click on them. You need to do tests to see which of all sizes work best for your website:
    300 × 250
    336 × 280
    728 × 90
    160 × 600
    300 × 600

  • The location of the ads is also very important. Try putting one or more ads in the top half of your page without affecting the usability and accessibility of your website. Be sure not to affect the legibility of the contents of your site, because after all the visitors they want to quickly find the content for which they came to your website. For more information, you can rely on best practices for ad placement of Google AdSense practices.

  • When choosing the type of ad among only text ads, display ads and only text ads and display, choose text and display ads, as well asegurarás ads that generate more revenue, or display, the ads that have a higher CPC.

  • It is a good recommendation to add ads to your content. It may be after the first paragraph of content and/or to terminate it. Just make sure you keep in mind that you should provide a good user experience and not on exposure to a lot of ads.

  • There are many advertisers who pay very little per click. You can block these advertisers from the area configuration of Google AdSense in the section Allow and block ads. By doing this you can block advertisers, categories or specific URLs you do not want to appear on your website and you can also increase your income by up to 15%.

  • Customize the design of your ads. Try to make the text, link color and the background color of the ads combine as you can with the color scheme you have to design your website without violating policies on the location of ads AdSense.

  • Increase your web traffic. The more visitors come to your website, more of them will be able to click on your ads.

  • Try increase on all traffic received from the search engines. Clicks generated AdSense ads by visitors arriving from search engines generate more revenue than direct visitor clicks on your website. So optimizes search engine optimization (SEO) to get a lot of organic traffic to your page. 

It is quite important to do experiments with ad types, locations, and sizes, and periodically review performance reports to analyze and realize that things may be working better for your website.

AdSense is a gold mine for those willing to work hard and take the time to do all the tests and possible optimizations. Note that with this advertising program will not become very rich from the overnight if you do not make the necessary effort so that everything goes well. Make Money with AdSense is a task of patience and hard work.