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78 Tips To Make Money Online

To make money online requires mental preparation, discipline and any work because no money is readily available as some would have you believe. Many carry advertising into believing that the undertaking is easy money online. But just the opposite, so if you want to do well with your homework to earn money online, here I leave this 80 tips that will make the life a little easier if you want to make money with your blog or website. 

Run your website/blog

  • Choose your theme: Choosing a good theme is essential for a successful blog. This should be good for you and profitable in terms of advertising.

  • Keep interested in your blog: You must have an interest or knowledge of the subject. Do not write about something I do not know.

  • Some issues are more profitable: It is worth bearing in mind that if you're getting a high amount of clicks on ads, it is remarkable how quickly you can develop an interest in your profitable theme.

  • Finance: The theme should be related to a product having a financial value. If your blog is about funny videos do not expect a high percentage of clicks. If you can get traffic to a blog about finance, insurance, mortgages, you can expect higher returns.

  • The motivation and interest can cost a subject: Any subject can make money as long as you have enough traffic. Therefore, if you have the knowledge and interest in an issue, this may be one of the most profitable for you.

  • Write Product: Blogging about products is another way to generate income. If you blog about philosophy, life in general, advertisers will not advertise products. If your blog is on some goods such as computers, cameras, etc. There is a wide range of advertising programs that you can use.

  • Get your own domain: Do not use free domains as and This looks bad, people and advertisers will take you less seriously. It will be harder to get links. You will regret it at some point, maybe not today, but you will.

  • Take bold decisions: If you currently have a address, change it now.

  • Choose a catchy domain: If possible, also with keywords. The ideal domain should have two or three syllables, which are memorable and remain in the minds of people. Put related keywords will help. However, it is not essential as many people claim. Choose carefully, there comes a time when your domain change is a painful work.

Choosing your blogging platform

  • Choose WordPress: It's that simple.

  • Plugins for any need: WordPress offers great flexibility, a variety of plugins, and choice of subjects. This is being developed and continuously improved. It is also stable. You can customize as much or as little as you like. Many have made the transition from Blogger to WordPress.

  • My experience: This blog was moved from Blogger to WordPress. I'm sure other blogging software have their advantages, but after trying a few, WordPress is the easiest and effective to use.

First steps

  • A good, solid design is essential: It is true that you can avoid spending too much time on ornaments and cosmetics. But your blog has to be professional.

  • Avoid being ordinary, normal, ordinary: Do not use a standard theme, which everyone has. At least CREATE original header.

  • Content is king: Sorry for the cliché, but you should work on creating high-quality content and interesting articles.

  • Be patient: Do not be discouraged if the traffic is low at first. Do not worry about your winnings or the lack thereof in the first 6 months. It takes time to get good traffic.

  • Spread your words: Let people know you have a new blog. This can be done through emails and also be commenting on other blogs.


Developing links

  • Links: Increase inbound links is essential for PageRank and traffic. Ideally, they come from various sources, preferably from websites or blog senior.

  • Natural links: You have to have something worth linking. Forgive me if you've read this 100 times, but it is necessary to underline that the best links are natural links, ie people likes what he sees and you link without you even ask.

  • Increase your RSS readers: This group of readers cannot click on your ads, but they are much more likely to be bloggers. It is these RSS readers what you most likely begin to bind. Again, be patient, the first 100 100 subscribers are harder to obtain.

  • Chain links: Joining chain links can help your blog get several links from different sites that are linked to this chain.

  • Link Exchange: I really do not recommend participating in link exchanges, I find that often bring more trouble than they are worth.

  • Links Directories: Worth submit your blog to the best web directories.

How to increase your RSS subscribers

  • Guest Blogging: Writing articles for successful blog allows you to be well known for new readers. The traffic is very well oriented, therefore, there is usually a high conversion rate of visitors.

  • Writes articles on the popular blog: Writing in a popular blog gives you a better chance to be on the cover of Digg. If an item is popular, the traffic will be delivered for a long period.

  • Promotes subscription: Make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog and offers a reward.

  • Have a consistent frequency of publication: Once a day, is a very good frequency of publication. But to increase your RSS readers is always better quality over quantity. Two great articles per week can get your blog to be noticed. 10 items mediocre be lost.


Writing Tips

  • Lists: Use the lists to make it more accessible and easier to examine items. Many of the most popular items of the network are "Top 10 ...", "10 Things ...", "80 tips for ...", "100 things ...".

  • The writing should be clear and concise: Do not add unnecessary sentences.

  • Good grammar and spelling are important: Even if small currents errors these will be picked up by someone. Worth avoiding some of the most common and obvious mistakes.

  • Be confident and persuasive know: Do not sit on the fence and wait, try to make your article reviews causes and original.

  • Article Focus: Do not try to cover several topics at once. It is better to divide the article into several sections.

  • Articles column: Take time to write articles that are of very high quality. Some people refer to them as "column items". These articles are an opportunity to showcase the best that your blog has to offer.



  • The best items should be visible: Make sure your best items are not hidden. A new visitor should be able to find them easily.

  • Keep it simple: Do not offer many choices - this may confuse readers. Makes it clear where you would like them to be.

  • Have a memorable logo and design.

  • Slogan: NOT underestimate the importance of a good slogan. This helps people tell you immediately that is the blog.

  • Images: Use images occasionally. The images create a powerful visual impact and encourage people to stay longer on your blog.



  • Do not exaggerate: Especially at the beginning, do not overload your blog with advertising. Having many AdSense makes you look like spam.

  • Less is more: Reduce the number of AdSense will not necessarily reduce your income.

  • Ad Position: The ad position is everything. The CTR varies tremendously depending on where you put the ads. Look at people who are known to earn enough with AdSense and see where they put their ads, then try to accommodate your blog. However, I must say that this is by design of each blog, which for a blog can work very well for other not.

  • Sell links Sell links directly or through third parties as LinkLift, is used to provide a good path for monetizing your blog. (Especially if your blog is about blogging or SEO). This has changed with the discouragement of google on selling links. Some people still selling links, but if you'll be prepared for some kind of penalty from Google. This has created a degree of uncertainty with this method of revenue collection.

  • Text links should be relevant: If you sell links, do not sell your soul. Make sure links are worth having. Games do not have links to a blog about SEO. This is very important given Google's recent war against the sale of bonds. If the links are closely related to your text, you should be able to escape detection. But you will betray inappropriate links.

  • Experience: Experiment with different types of advertising. I have found that the most effective advertising depends on the type of blog.

  • Advertising page: Provides a page of advertising, which can offer people the ability to advertise.

  • Affiliates: Finding a good affiliate system is one of the most important in maximizing the potential of your blog monetary things. This becomes easier when developing your blog more traffic.

  • Paid Reviews: Review me can be a good source of income, but do not let this take over your blog, and that may discourage your readers. Probably best to wait until you can sell at a high price and not just the minimum $ 20.

  • Text Links Ads is another good affiliate system that can offer good profits from their use.

  • Google AdSense: AdSense can offer good profits and is easy to implement, especially for novice bloggers. However, there is life beyond AdSense. Try not to be dependent on a single advertising system.

  • References Google: If you are able to get the right ads, referrals from Google can bring more profit than regular AdSense ads. The system is still in development and is likely to improve over time.


Increase traffic

  • Develop links is essential for the highest positions in search engines.

  • The titles that you choose for your articles are very important. You need to choose keywords that people are looking for. At the same time, you should choose keywords that do not have much competition from other sites. It is best to choose titles with 3 or 4 keywords in it.

  • Your statistics show you your most effective keywords. Try variations of these key benefit related search words. If people come to your blog to "Supermarkets" intends "Supermarkets in Bogota."

  • Do not just rely on search engines, put emphasis on RSS readers, this allows the traffic, even if the search engines change their algorithms.

  • Post often: One way to make money online is to go for quantity. This does not necessarily mean that the quality has to suffer, but you should try to write most relatively quickly. Some items may take 10 to 20 minutes to write. Not all items must be a lot of text.



  • Write interesting titles: To ensure that people read the article.

  • The first sentence is very important: It is necessary to attract people to the article.

  • Do not exaggerate with headlines such Linkbait: Not also forget your average readers.


Social media

  • You can choose to send an article to Digg, but getting to the front of this is very difficult, especially for new bloggers.

  • You can spend hours trying to create a good account on Digg. But it's probably better that you focus on your site, on your own blog.

  • Encourage people to vote your articles by offering something in return.

  • This is great to send traffic. However, it does not help to vote for your article more than once.

  • The traffic is not all: Social media can send a large amount of traffic, but these visits are rarely in your blog or subscribe.



  • Comments can be a way to gain profile for you and your blog. The key is to comment on the popular blog in your niche.

  • Comments may also go against you. Be careful to criticize others or to be spam.

  • I suggest leaving the real name in your comments. Simple but effective.

  • Try to say something more than just "good article".

  • If you want to say many things, why not do an article about it and you link to the article from a comment.

  • Keep the comments in perspective, this can help win a few readers and some traffic.

  • Thank him commentators and encourage them to come back to visit.