A complete package of mobile marketing in Egypt is offered right to your business with the best solutions that can be accommodated to your business needs like Bulk SMS campaigns in Egypt through the expertise of the best Mobile Marketing Company In Egypt Road9 Media.


Mobile Marketing is one of the ways companies and brands use to engage with consumers, influence their buying behavior, and even complete the sale via a mobile device. Each day new ways and methods appear in order to accomplish those targets and influence consumers and communicate with them.


It is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a cell phone. One definition comes from marketing professor Andreas Kaplan who defines mobile marketing as "any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device"


Mobile Marketing In Egypt

On the same path as Mobile Development evolution, the mobile marketing in Egypt is growing in a parallel path. Mobile Marketing is the future of marketing globally and in Egypt especially. People can engage more in mobile marketing as it is more personalized, more intimate to buyers and consumers. It is more relating to their interests, geographic locations age, gender, mobile spending, preferred language and relations.


So many tools are now on the market which can help in monitoring results, benchmarking and access efficiency. Mobile Marketing in Egypt can be of great help to startups, small and well-established businesses.


Bulk Sms campaign in Egypt as one aspect of Mobile Marketing is so many powerful tools nowadays. Brands and small businesses turn to use it on a large scale in order to achieve different goals. Some of these goals are:-

  1. Benefit from more affordable rates than regular marketing.
  2. Building a brand (product a or service) awareness.
  3. Assess return on investment with solid insights.
  4. Send notifications to large numbers of consumers and be confident they receive it.


Another aspect of Mobile Marketing in Egypt is Facebook ads dedicated to the mobile device and Google Adwords for mobile.

Facebook ads for mobile provide so much targeting options that can help you strictly specify your targeted consumers. This wonderful ways of targeting will have so much impact on investments.


Types of mobile marketing

  1. SMS campaigns.
  2. Mobile apps based marketing
  3. In-game mobile marketing
  4. Mobile websites marketing
  5. QR codes
  6. Location-based services
  7. Push notifications


Many success stories have been added to our portfolio over the past years in mobile marketing in Egypt, check more about Road9 Media digital marketing projects.