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We've created a modern and elegant corporate website with a unique website interface, supported by a professional photo shoot for the office and the legal team.

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TMS Law Firm


TMS Legal is a highly reputed, full-service law firm.


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With law firms becoming one of our recurring clients’ segments, building law firm websites became one of our regular projects, hence we had to give each new client a different level of uniqueness in design. TMS legal hired us to build a whole new online presence for their law firm, including handling their new team photoshoots.

TMS Law Firm

Sharp edges

Inspired by the firm’s location and brand, we used the sharp edges in all the interfaces to emphasize the professionalism and straightforward methodology of the firm, with minimum use of animations to make the design more lively.

TMS Law Firm

Team of professionals

Inspired by the brand’s color scheme we did the photoshoot for the TMS team of attorneys and created an experience for each attorney.

Showing power

With the same neatness and sharpness in the design, we represented the firm’s power and experience in content copywriting.

TMS Law Firm
TMS Law Firm