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The SEO service Egypt

"The aim of both SEO and SEM is to increase the visibility of your website in the search engine. Both are very important and necessary for your online marketing strategy." 

From its name, Search Engine Marketing is the main process of the online marketing which includes the SEO or the Search Engine Optimization and the paid activities, but with time, now it refers to paid activities only. There are many differences between them; we highlight in this article.

What are SEM and SEO Egypt?

Before we begin, we should understand what they are, separately and the aim of each of them.

SEO is a free tool and tips to optimize your website for search engines in order to get higher rankings in the search results.

Its purpose is also to make your website more accessible and user-friendly which affects the visibility and the reach of your website. It’s all free and for the unpaid organic search results.

It's a good idea to learn how the search engines work and to make SEO part of your marketing strategy. You should find out what keywords your targeted audience is searching for and include them on your website. Using specific keyword densities ensures a higher ranking in the results.

SEM refers now to the paid activities for the same aim of the SEO. Both are for getting more traffic, visibility and higher rankings in search engines. 

SEM works by buying advertising spaces in the search engine results. This means that instead of implementing the steps of the SEO to get unpaid higher ranks, you pay to get your higher place in the search results. This is called PSA (Paid Search ADS). This will make you pay for every click on your ad called PPC (Pay Per Click).

Google Adwords is the most common paid search platform. There is also bing ads and Yahoo Gemini, but they are not popular as much as Google.

SEO Strengths

You may say that SEO in Egypt is better, as it does the same mission at no cost, but this is not true at all. Each of them has pros and cons as we will see.

If you are a startup or in the phase of brand awareness, SEO Egypt will be good for you. It gives you high ranking in the search engine when people search for a service or product that you serve. This works by using the keywords in the content of your website. 

You will get a bonus if you used it on the blog of the website with rich content that serves the information they need. This will create brand awareness as you served them solutions and information.

People tend to open the websites that appear first as they trust Google's ability to get them the best of what they need in the front.

That’s why the top searches will not also increase the reach and visibility, but also will give you the credibility you need to enhance your brand.

SEO helps you getting many ready to buy prospects with the lower cost, as it’s unpaid as we said. Unlike the SEM that you pay for every click. In SEO service in Egypt you should invest, instead, in your content and get experts in SEO.

SEO provides you with a sustainable audience that increases or gets stable over time, as long as you continue to follow its steps and serving rich content.

SEM Strengths

Positioning at the top of the search results is the main profit of SEM. that helps to reach your audience easily, but you should also consider using keywords wisely to get the targeted audience.

It also gives you control over the results of the ad, by testing the details of the content of the ad to get more effective results and to be more persuasive and attractive. Besides, it allows you to put some pictures that make the ad attractive and persuasive. This will increase the clicks on the ad.

It’s also more centered on your targeted customers who need your product or service. You can do this by tailoring the ad to your targeted customer depending on your marketing strategy.

This will increase your business rate, as it gives you quick measurable results. PSA has the criteria for getting quick feedback to improve your product or service.

It has also the criteria to test your headlines, which is better by counting clicking to help you improve your performance. All of this helps you get the best return on investment.

There are many different points between SEO and SEM 

  • SEM is much more useful as it gives you the first ranking while reaching high ranks in the organic search using SEO Egypt take much time, effort and long-term strategy to be achieved.
  • In the SEM ads, you are allowed many features like putting pictures, feedback, and the performance test results, while the SEO is your responsibility.
  • SEM is more to the precisely targeted audience in a specific way, more than the SEO that gets all the audience that may not be interested.
  • SEM is expensive, unlike SEO in Egypt which you invest in the effort more than money.
  • SEO is a longtime process that needs patience and time, unlike SEM that makes you quick measurable results.
  • SEO rules are always changing and this may affect your ranking, but with the SEM it has much stability even it was changing it won't affect anything.
  • The SEO results are more sustainable than the SEM that requires more money to get the high results that vanish after your ad is no more sponsored.
  • Many people tend to the organic search than the sponsored one, that gives SEO superiority in SEM.
  • SEO Egypt is affected by the competitiveness of the others, unlike the SEM, but it gives chance to your competitor to get an eye on your campaign that they can copy or use.

Which to choose for your digital company in Egypt?

There is no model answer for this question. It depends on your marketing strategy, your goals that you want to achieve and your budget, but generally, if you are in a hurry with quick results, you should use PPC.

If you are running a long-term sustainable strategy SEO is the best, but the only main determining thing is your goals aligning with your marketing strategy.

Balancing both of them sounds great for a successful marketing strategy in Egypt that combines the long-term and short-term goals. You can do this by using the feedback and the performance feedback of the headlines, the keywords and so on from the PPC to improve your organic search ranking by using the SEO process in Egypt. This will maintain high rankings in the search results.

Using highly competitive keywords in the PPC and the less competitive in the SEO will make this balance working with two levels at the same time.

Use the ad Copy that’s effective in your rich content of the website to attract more audience and get a high return on investment. This will make you reach more prospects and get the more targeted audience and build the brand and the product awareness required.

Using both SEM and SEO in Egypt along with each other is the best strategy for your company to get the benefit of every type strengths and cover the weaknesses.

If you know every type’s cons and pros and how to combine them successfully, we can guarantee you will lead a successful company.

You should know also that if you managed to balance and use both of them aligning with your goals of the marketing strategy, your company will achieve its goals. 

It’s better to get experts in the SEO that understand who things are going into the search engine and updated with the changes that always going that may affect you. There are many SEO Egypt companies that will take this mission off your shoulder and do it efficiently. If you did so, we guarantee a great surprising success.