Arpu Plus

We've built and managed all of Arpu Plus’ online presence, from building their website to handling their digital media channels and online ads.

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Arpu Plus

The Client

ArpuPlus is one of A15 subsidiaries, operating in 12 countries in the field of mobile value-added services.




Corporate website




The Brief

Revamping the website of the pioneering tech giant, in a way that represents their special kind of products in both B2C & B2B sectors, the design has to be unique and ultra-modern to communicate the dynamism of the company products & services.

Arpu Plus

The tech giant

Based on the company brand shapes & colors, we've designed a user experience that reflects both modern and professional aspects of the brand.

Arpu Plus


Using slightly different shapes and shades of blue, we created a unique experience for the tech giant’s various products and services with harmony between the screens at the same time.

Blue theme

Using the blue color -along with other neutral colors- unified the website into a consistent experience across its pages, and it also created an opportunity for users to memorize the brand color while navigating through the website.

Arpu Plus
Arpu Plus