Nutri Mart online menu

Website design and development for Nutri Mart’s food ordering business.

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Nutri Mart online menu


Nutri mart is an online food market that has a unique line of healthy food products.


Food & Beverage


Corporate website





Design a food and beverage website which reflects the unique type of organic and healthy food the company provides, in addition to facilitating the food ordering process to be smooth and require minimal steps.

Nutri Mart online menu


The website was built with contrasting colors between black and light modern colors such as pink and purple to reflect the food and beverage diversity, and the bold mix of ingredients that can create something new and delicious.

Nutri Mart online menu

Food ordering

Users can choose the products they desire from the food menu and collect them in their online basket to order in bulk.


The interface was built for their 80% female audience, that's why the theme has incorporated calm colors and gives off a feminine look and feel.

Nutri Mart online menu
Nutri Mart online menu

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