Treeline Landscaping

Design and build a corporate website to provide landscape design and implementation services all over Egypt.

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Treeline Landscaping


Treeline is a 16 years old experienced landscape solution provider, with a wide scale of services such as Landscape design, soft scape, hardscape, irrigation systems, and more.


Architectural Services


Corporate website





Treeline worked with us to fulfill their vast expansion needs. Our job was to build a professional, fully integrated online presence for the brand. Their website should have its level of uniqueness to match the nature of the business.

Treeline Landscaping

Green spaces

As the brand is all about green spaces, we reflected the same concept into the design using wide spaces in different green shades on the website and across their different online profiles.

Treeline Landscaping

Data flow

Landscaping is all about visuals, so the data flow of the website was represented visually with the right use of images and icons.


Using modern ornaments’ patterns, we created a standard theme system for the whole website.

Treeline Landscaping
Treeline Landscaping