Digital marketing includes many channels that need to be used to bring your business to the highest level among other competitors, those channels include :

  • Creating a mobile marketing campaign for your project through developed mobile apps
  • Working on an online search engine marketing to increase your visibility among your competitors
  • Going through social media marketing by contacting your clients directly on social networks
  • Ending by SMS campaigns before huge events and big offers


E-Marketing Egypt

E-Marketing Concept: is the marketing of products/services over the internet to attract new business, by reaching customers in each and every geographical area, at any time & at lower costs.

E-Marketing strategies Increase your website traffic that enhances your online sales later on, so it is well known that any successful online marketing company in Egypt that creates the User-friendly website design and is passionate about online marketing ( Egypt) and worldwide must be with the expertise of :

  1. Mobile marketing and SMS campaign Egypt
  2. Social media marketing - Egypt
  3. Online search engine marketing in Egypt, that improve getting the best results, after supplementing the content with the rules of the SEO in Egypt
  4. E-marketing tactics that improve brand awareness, maximize ROI and ultimately increase any company’s level of success.


How to build brand awareness for your company through digital marketing :

1- Taking advantage of Internet / Social media 

2- Know your social media platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Blogging )

3- Marketing Content

  • 77% of marketers say content marketing increased the site's traffic
  • 71% of marketers say content marketing improved site's ranking in organic results

4- Types of content

  • Email newsletters
  • Free Content
  • Image-based content
  • Video

5- Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • SEO leads have an average 14.6% sales close rate
  • Searches drive the most traffic to Content-Oriented sites
  • Searches produce 4 times more traffic than social media

6- Stand out 

  • Be constant and use the same logo
  • provide value
  • Engage with clients using a variety of platforms


How to avoid digital marketing common mistake :

John Oliver compares the way most brands act online to Tony the Tiger busting through the wall at a cocktail party and proceeding to barge in on everyone’s conversation to tell them how “Greattt!” Frosted Flakes are. Not only does their marketing message fall on deaf ears, it often does more harm than good.


So how can brands avoid this mistake? What lessons can brand managers learn to avoid being ‘that’ guest at the cocktail party that is social media?


All the best social brands seem to have one thing in common — they don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. The best community managers don’t try to make the brand into a faceless corporate persona. Instead, the best brands online make it seem more like their social media accounts were hacked by their #1 fan.


They enthusiastically respond to any message that comes their way, no matter how small. Each opportunity to tweet is a chance to represent the brand they love so much and to share that enthusiasm with others.


In other words, great social media accounts are not brands pretending to be people. Rather, they are people pretending to be branded.


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