1. Magento

    Just have a look at companies using Magento, Samsung or Nespresso among others, to get an idea of the kind of software it is. Used by 30,000 shops has a free version and a pay (Enterprise Edition) which comes packed with useful features and additions. 

  2. osCommerce

    osCommerce is the management software to more popular e-commerce, online stores use it 228,700 and have 5,800 (some are extra) add-ons to enhance your online store.

  3. OpenCart

    Opencart has a fine design and it is quite scalable, allows you to create unlimited categories, endless sell products, accept multiple currencies, multiple languages and allows you to choose from 20 payment methods and shipping 8. Easy to use and friendly to the search engines.

  4. Spree Commerce

    Versatile and customizable. It includes useful features like integrated Google Analytics and over 50 payment gateways.

  5. PrestaShop

    PrestaShop is another robust and professional quality for an e-commerce solution. You can download, install and use for free. Emphasize that your customer payments are sent directly to your bank account using the latest security technology.

  6. VirtueMart

    VirtueMart has been designed to work with Joomla !. Supports multiple languages and currencies.

  7. Ubercart

    Ubercart is specifically designed for people who sell things like file downloads, event logs, access passes to the web and event tickets, rather than physical products. Like VirtueMart, which must be integrated with Joomla !, Ubercart must be integrated with Drupal.

  8. Zeuscart

    Best of Zeuscart is its user interface, which is rich, attractive, easy to use and generally less "boring" most user interfaces open source.

  9. AFCommerce

    AFCommerce is a very simple application of e-commerce, making it ideal for beginners.

  10. Zen Cart

    Easy to install, easy to customize and easy to manage, Zen Cart is perfect for those who want a simple e-commerce platform. It comes with a newsletter manager, discount coupons, gift certificates. Users can take full advantage of the many accessories to customize your store and make your experience as a manager a little easier. The downside is that the user interface is somewhat complex.

  11. SimpleCart (js) 2.0

    SimpleCart (js) 2.0 is no longer just for Paypal. Now works with Google Checkout also. No use databases, just a simple Javascript under 20kb that sets up in minutes. It is light, fast, easy to use and fully customizable. All you need to know is HTML.

  12. TomatoCart

    TomatoCart is a branch of osCommerce 3 and now grows as a completely separate project. Designed and created for the new generation supports Ajax technology among others.

  13. CubeCart

    CubeCart looks very professional customer view, has a free version (CubeCart 3) and one that costs £ 110 (CubeCart 4). Visit their website and know that they offer both versions.

  14. RokQuickCart

    RokQuickCart is a simple online store for Joomla !. Its simplicity is a double-edged sword, can be configured in minutes, but lacks some features that other competitors have, for example, that only accepts payments through PayPal and Google Checkout.

  15. StoreSprite

    Despite being completely free, StoreSprite offers many features you would expect to find only in the paid versions.

    These include loyalty, customer ratings, and reviews, status notifications, track orders, offers, best sellers ... The main drawback of the platform is that your store will come with visible copyright unless you pay to have them removed.


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