Influencers on Twitter, a coveted profile brands

Why Can The 'Influencers' Of Twitter Be The Key In a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

The hard part is deciding which are best suited for brands influencers

It provides a scientific approach to the application of neuroscience in the field of marketing


Twitter is a scenario in which the brands are increasingly present, but nevertheless still struggling to reach the masses of users or to create campaigns that entice consumers to get. How to conquer the Internet in that environment?

One of the clearest tools to reach consumers in social media is to draw on those already succeeding in these scenarios. Stars of Social Media is a clear formula to get the message about the brand to the audience, especially on platforms like Twitter. But how do you get these influencers to talk about a product or a brand? How should you create a campaign to be the topic of conversation on Twitter?

Brands should consider, first, that what works in other areas must not necessarily work in this social network. Each field has its rules and the companies have to adapt to it. The signatures have not only to learn, however, label, but they have to do a much broader effort to understand what to do or say and how they should articulate a campaign with influencers on Twitter. Social Bro has made an analysis of the reality of these relationships between brands and stars of Twitter which can be extracted a few key steps to create a campaign with influencers.


Why Go For an Influencer

That is probably the question that all campaigners are made before embarking on creating a strategy employing these Internet users. Is an influencer necessary to get the attention of consumers on social networks? According to a study, 60% of campaigners have decided to employ the influencers in their strategies for the next eight months and most consider that these professionals will allow them to push more sales and also to achieve greater engagement with the brand. In short, Twitter Influencers, have become a coveted profile brands on social networks.

In addition, the marketing influencers allow, according to estimates SocialBro, get more powerful and give the campaign greater authenticity, build confidence and increase sales.


Finding Your Influencer

Decide what you want to do marketing or influencers is therefore not so complicated. It is becoming difficult to decide which is best suited for brand influencer and how you will find amidst the overwhelming of voices that is the internet. Since SocialBro recommends to, first of all, a study.

Twitter is full of users and many have very high audiences. Still, not all of these users 'worth' when you want to make an influencer campaign. You have to study how competitors are using and also analyze the real engagement that arouses in the audience.

Once done, you have to locate the specific influencers who want to use. So, compare the number of followers, the volume of activity in the social network and the ratios between how many people follow, and how many followers have a proven reputation in terms of its impact, visibility, and level of engagement. Also, do not forget to consider time issues, language, and geography. It matters little that a user is very relevant: whether their influence is not noticeable in the country to which the brand wants to reach, worthless.


Addressing The Influencer

Once identified what is sought and located the influencer that house these needs, we must establish a strategy to reach them. Not all ways worth. In social media, there is a label. First, you have to create a custom message and must be addressed to each influencer in a unique and differentiated way. Not all influencers are equal and not all will be convinced in the same way.

Moreover, you can not focus on the relationship with influencers as a finite element. We need to establish a solid, smooth, long-term relationship. Do not think of them as simply the place where you put your ad. You have to approach it more like you could do with a friendship.


Do Not Lose Sight Of What You've Done

In other advertising media, a campaign is followed by a follow up to see how it's turning out. The marketing influencers should not be left out, even the ads are tweets. Follow what is happening with the campaign and to do monitoring to understand if the message has been successful or not. It matters little that is a different format or were getting different things to what is done in other advertising media. Again the campaign has been really meaningful if only achieves certain goals.


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