Social media marketing department is an unmarried partner for quite some time, but the Web 2.0 does not love exclusively to this department. According to a recent study carried out in Germany by the W + P Consulting, 72% of technology companies and telecommunications and manually check the social media in the sales department.

58% of companies have already integrated the Social Web in your sales department you are in the spotlight to existing customers and 57% does not lose sight of potential customers.


Half of the companies also use social media to communicate with their own employees and about a third use social networks to engage with sales partners.

In the sales department of social networks are more attached Xing (71%), Facebook (50%), YouTube (41%), LinkedIn (40%) and Twitter (34%).

As for the uses that give the sales department to social media, including the announcement of upcoming events, recommending products and services, news and information about the interaction with the consumer. Less important they are, however, product development and management of complaints by consumers.

Although the importance of social networks in the sales department is in the eyes of those responsible for this department, still quite limited, most believe that the Social Web will operate in the future radical changes in the world of sales.


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