The mobile has transformed the way we all consume, but according to some studies, among mothers even more. So, this demographic would have enthusiastically embraced the use of a smartphone during all phases of the process.


The latest report reveals and analyzes BabyCenter is the activities that pregnant women and mothers with children under 18 made through mobile. The truth is that including much of the buying process takes place online, and a growing percentage, from mobile devices.


Thus, between 2011 and 2014 the number of mothers who used mobile phones to buy has increased almost 3, although in most activities last year was a bumper, from which the percentages are planning or decrease slightly. Thus, there has been no increase in the past year in the percentage of mothers comparing prices from the mobile (64%), compared characteristics (60%), use digital coupons and deals (59%), draws (55 %) or looking for reviews of products (52%).


Where the use of mobile itself has continued to grow it is to decide to buy a new product: it currently stands at 56%, 7 points higher than last year, and very far from 16% in 2011.


In addition, this year has also increased the number of mothers who rely on the phone to other activities related to purchases and visit the site of a retailer or especially, download an application for trademark mobile (which has grown 9 points compared to 2014).


Mobile, even more, important among the millennial mothers


All these percentages would increase further if the behavior of mothers between 18 and 34 years, and 35% spend more of their time on the computer smartphone should analyze only.


The mobile phone has become a favorite device by mothers for a wide variety of functions, including those of investigating and buying. According to MediaPost, 59% of mothers recognize that mobile marketing influences their purchasing decisions and 79% use their smartphone to research purchases, even from the store.


But, according to Millennial Media, mothers do not conform to use your mobile before buying, also have no fear of mobile commerce. Mothers who start their shopping process on a smartphone, 84% have continued in the mobile itself, 88% on a tablet and 85% on a computer, all very similar percentages.


Another study by BabyCenter, a few months ago, shows very similar results, in addition to stress that motherhood itself changing shopping habits: many of these mothers began to make online purchases via the mobile just as they had children.


Given that mothers have traditionally been a target for many marketers (to be making many of the decisions of family purchases, in addition to their own), it is important to consider its new consumer habits and understand that the main form to reach them is through mobile now.


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