Apple's Mobile continues to rule the mobile enterprise space, but its control may be starting to slip. IOS lost 6 percentage points in the fourth quarter, down to 64 percent of the global device activations in the second quarter (Q2) of 2015. For its part, the activations of Android devices won the same amount to reach 32 percent of total activations last quarter.


Recent records come from the report: Mobility Index of Good Technology, even for devices that use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server BlackBerry to access corporate email, Good Technology not considered activations of mobile phones in the Canadian company.


Windows dropped to a 4 percent; 3 percent includes the desktop operating system on tablets and 1 percent is for Windows Phone.


Good report Technology

Good Technology reports are an ongoing initiative to track activations of the wide range of mobile platforms and devices in businesses and governments. The report is based on aggregate data from all devices that include "more than 6,200 organizations in 189 countries."


See the full 16-page report here:

Good Technology Q2 2015


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