CSS frameworks have become a boon for web designers and desktop publishers who want to make their web projects more quickly and with lots of customization options. A part of the super famous Bootstrap, Foundation and other frameworks for CSS, there are several frameworks that give you specific items to a trend or pattern type.


In this list, I bring the 26 new frameworks for CSS that can make the battle to traditional frameworks and to help you make and improve your web designs.


  1. Turret

  2. SpaceBase

  3. Materialize

  4. LumX

  5. Manhattan

  6. Flexible.gs

  7. UIKit

  8. Papier

  9. Webknife

  10. Bourbon Neat

  11. Bootflat

  12. Material UI

  13. Semantic UI

  14. kickstart

  15. One Nexus

  16. Schema

  17. Web Starter Kit

  18. Responsible

  19. Fluidable

  20. RWDgrid

  21. Base

  22. Almost Flat UI

  23. Leaf

  24. Material Design for Bootstrap

  25. Material Framework

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