Have you ever noticed that your creative ideas left out? I refer to that moment where you try everything possible to get an idea and definitely can not. That happens to everyone from time to time, including professionals. There is always a reason behind the poor vision and of course, we have the solution.


In the field of graphic design creativity, it is one of the attributes that makes the difference between workers, so it is essential to have an enviable imagination. There are some factors that destroy creativity, it is why then share some of them.

One of the main murderers of a graphic designer is its low self-esteem. Lack of confidence in itself closes the doors to think openly. Fear of failure does not do things well and always make you be expecting the perfect idea.


Being a graphic designer you should not import a client reviews as this only affects the self-esteem and makes you block it. Lack of funding could lead to a lack of ideas, and you have to be more prepared for the resources for the project.


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