The First Article Of a Blog is extremely important for this, as it marks the first step for the future of the blog, not only for readers but for writers it.


From the point of view of a reader, I like to see the following four areas covered in the first article of your blog:


  1. Who Are You? Tell me about your business and also introduce and instruct me about the writer of the blog. Share pictures. The more information about you and your business are willing to share, the easier it will be for a reader to trust you.

  2. Why Are You Blogging? Possibly this is the most important question you can answer, as this will force you to indicate your intentions to your audience. And as always, consider your audience when answering this question, ask yourself, 'Why should anyone come to this blog? What seeks them in this blog? Hint: They will not come to your blog so that you can market to them.

  3. On What Do You Write On Your Blog? Answering the question in point 2 makes it much easier to respond. Are you going to blog about your business, or maybe the lifestyle of your clients ?. Show me the contents of your blog so you know what to expect when you arrive. Also, remember that this can serve as a hook to your readers stay focused on what the goal of your blog.

  4. How Can I Make Feedback From Your Blog? Tell me how I can involve myself in your blog. Can I comment? Do you value the comments? It indicates exactly how I can contact you, and do not be afraid to encourage feedback, and even disagreement. In fact, this may be a good place to formally indicate our privacy policy, which in turn can also serve as a reference tool for your readers. But do whatever you must to make sure that my feedback is appreciated and valued.


If the first article of your blog contains these four points, you will ensure a successful start, way to success for the new blog.


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