Something strange has happened to me a few days ago and the truth that I had a very pleasant experience that I will share with our readers. It is a shop that had to do for my art class and in the shop where I usually buy there was practically nothing, so I was resigned to improvise because they had what it but ...


In the afternoon of last Wednesday, I had to go do some shopping at Walmart (in essence the basics to eat and a few other things), and I wandered the aisles of the store and discovered that actually have everything (or almost all) in matters of items to art, creations, and really all we know as Arts and Crafts.


The surprising thing is that honestly did not expect to find this in that store, and I had used part of my time to buy things from my house. And I took one more surprise, I found a friend who was looking for some sheets and said she normally found home accessories with good value and by his discoveries I bought a couple of things that needed to decorate my room.


I do not know if they previously had not noticed me and just wandered around the store looking for what I needed and not one more thing, but this time I got surprised and happy as I could find many interesting things and I had a rewarding experience regarding my shopping and my needs.


From now on also, I will pay more attention to offers and promotions they have since discovered that usually put the offers to fly, or buy them quickly, which is why they put more attention especially now approaching Christmas.


Tomorrow I will come back to buy a few brushes and oil paints that I need for my painting class, I must add that this shop prices are very competitive and have always left with a smile on my face.


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