Road 9 Media teaches us how to advertise our product online without spending more money. It tells us that a campaign does not need a million dollars to be successful. We are expert in Outbound Marketing, so our talk is based on this branch of Online Marketing.


There are many channels to advertise on outbound. However, it is not necessary to announce in all the world. The idea that everyone knows your product is cute, but it's not a good way to spend your entire budget.




To avoid spending more on advertising, we must first define the audience you want to reach. Develop a profile of our users to know their tastes and know how best to reach them, will give us better results with much less money.


The success of your campaign should always be measurable. To measure must choose one metric to focus all your effort and create a budget. This is not an unlimited budget to splurge. Before starting your campaign, you choose how much you spend, depending on what you can invest; and seeks to make the most of every penny.


We recommend saving 10% to experiment. Road 9 Media invites YOU not to be afraid to implement a wildly disruptive idea.




In any campaign, you should always measure your results. Meditate on what factors influence the success of your campaign and use them to your advantage they are.


Know your users means knowing your tastes. The vast majority of Outbound channels and allow you to place remarketing pixel conversion in each step they take our users in their daily lives. Your ad should appear at the right time and right channel to generate the best results.


Remember that a campaign should focus on a single metric and Outbound all channels allow you to focus your campaign on a specific metric. When you start to receive data follow these steps: analyze, draw conclusions, apply and write down what you learned.


It is always important to look back, see your path and locate the strategies that gave you the best results. Focus on understanding the context in which your most successful campaigns are given, know your market and understand your users is the key to success.


For best results performed tests A / B. Have at least 4 variations of your ad and experiment with them to see which ones work best and focus on them.


The Money Is Sacred


In startups money is sacred. You must watch every penny and always look for ways to optimize the time and money you invest in your campaigns. Segment your market into small enough parts so you can stay focused. But large enough so that your campaign reaches a sufficient number of people.


What you do today you must analyze and apply. Do not get stuck in a comfort zone, take advantage of the 10% to experiment and innovate. You do not know when a crazy idea can show you a better way to reach your users.


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