Fed up with your permanent full day job? Craving for online jobs to work for online jobs as a freelancer from your home? But you can’t easily leave your job, it’s a fixed guaranteed salary that pays your rent and bills, online jobs or freelancing is a mean to get more money or practicing happy that satisfy your skill and develop it rather than the permanent one you didn't choose it’s just the available. In this article, we will give you the hints when and how to quit your job for another full-time online job or freelancing and hints for making it a reasonable, not a scary decision. 



Why freelancing or online jobs are useful?


Why freelancing or online jobs are useful?

For a company, it’s a low cost with high-quality service, fewer taxes, less equipment required and less effort for the whole company, this made the demanding of online jobs as a freelancer increasing rapidly.

For an employee it’s mean to get more money besides your main job, especially when you have a passion for the job you do, and it’s a comfortable and flexible way of working and getting money, but once you start, the dream of getting rid of your full-time  job starts, to be replaced with online jobs to have time to the lifestyle you want and the comfortability you found in online jobs from home as a freelancer, specially that freelancing is now rapidly increasing as it is representing nearly 40% of the workforce, freelance will become mainstream, the statistics showed that by 2020, 40% of the U.S. workforce will be independent workers, and we should come up with the trends as it will come to our work field as we are noticing already.


Where can you get online jobs?

  • Upwork – One of the largest freelance websites that you can find a freelancing job.
  • Guru – If you are an application developer, Guru is specialized in development projects.
  • LiveOps – Start your freelance business as an online call center agent for famous brands.
  • Freelancer – One of the most used websites for getting freelancing jobs.



1 - Manage your time and work hard



Manage your time and work hard

 Every great achievement starts with hard-working, so as our plan, you should divide your time between your main job and the online jobs as a freelancer.



2 - Know your numbers

 How many hours you worked and what is the revenue, what’s your revenue per hour, how much work is offered, how much work you can do?



3 - Keep it up

 Keep working and dividing your time, it’s a little hard but it’s a way for your comfort if you tend to leave your permanent full-time job for online jobs, keep working like this for a long period to guarantee the stability of your numbers, to know the flow of demand and offering, to know how much you gain per hour.



4 - Save money

In freelance, sometimes there are much work and other times there is nothing, so it’s safer to save your expenses for 6 months as an insurance.


Before it’s done, get notified that:

  • There is no medical insurance, you are responsible for your remedy
  • There is no social insurance
  • You are the only responsible for your training and learning


Now, it’s the time to call your boss

Once you are sure of your numbers and you achieved the rate you should work by to pay your bills and satisfy your materialistic needs, it’s time to leave your job and start to do online jobs as a freelancer, but this isn't everything you should follow some instructions to be a successful freelancer and to keep your work up.



5 - Turn your room into an office

Turn your room into an office

Never work on the sofa or on the bed, privatize a quiet colorful place near the window with a desk to work on, and while you are working get away from the TV and the mobile phone.



6 - Treat yourself as a brand

 You are your brand, you should have a clear vision, mission, goals to achieve and specific field or type to work in, having all of this in mind dealing with clients and while accepting and refusing tasks.

Doing this, you should consider the main 5 elements:

  1. Dealing with yourself as a CEO of your freelance company, as you are responsible for everything, your failure, and your success.
  2. Reputation and personality: keep your word of mouth, and build a likable personality
  3. Fair bids are the best: don’t overestimate or underestimate your bids, a bid that’s matching your quality as clients are searching for the highest quality with the lowest price, not the lowest for all.
  4. Choose the niche clients you can serve best, don’t get many clients that you can’t serve all or you will sacrifice your reputation or the quality
  5. Make a team: if you are a writer, for example, choose your graphic designer or a developer and serve whole tasks.



7 - Make a portfolio


Make a portfolio



Make a portfolio of what you did, but only those related to the field or the type of work you want to continue in doing.


8 - Continuous learning

Since you are a freelancer, as said before, you are responsible for your training and learning, so you should keep an eye on how your job is improving and always learn new ways, taking courses or even online learning, but you shouldn't keep yourself outdated and retarded than the others, and this is now is not that much difficult by websites serving online courses with certificates, some are free and others are with reasonable prices.



9 - Keep an eye on trending

Trending is an easy element of success if only you knew how to use it successfully in your job, so you should keep yourself updated with the trends especially related to your work.



10 - Saving money for retirement

You should keep saving money to get your logical final destination of retirement because as we said before there is no social insurance to live from after retirement.


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