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Top 10 killing mistake in digital marketing

There are many mistakes that are made by many of the officials in the field of marketing in the beginnings, which are considered catastrophic errors especially if the company is a digital marketing and that need to focus on this errors and correct understanding of them. Some of them lead to a low ranking of the site in the search engines and can lead to Google's penalty the site and will mention some of the answers related to this area such as "Why the advertising campaign failed - why marketing failed - Why did not we make the profits required?" These mistakes can occur within any digital marketing company in Egypt so we will clarify some of them and not all mistakes. 

1. Lack of good analysis

One of the most important elements in the success of any marketing plan is the good analysis and accurate knowledge of many elements such as market, competitor, prices, country culture, product and service required to achieve the goals of your project. The most important thing is you, yes you should know who you are very accurate and identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We mean that knowing yourself is to determine the vision and objectives of the company and its mission and the reason for its existence and others.

2. Lack of customer understanding

Some companies sometimes forget the importance of knowing and identifying the target customers, and sometimes they study and know customers as simple. Rather, it is necessary to Know and identify the target and potential customers of the company as if they are the owners of the company and it is necessary to map the customers in each area including (their needs, Their purchasing incentives, the standard of living, etc.), the lack of good knowledge of the target customers are already leading to failure of marketing as a whole, not just e-marketing

3. Implementation now plan later

Sometimes the marketing team is exposed. This happens very often in many small and medium-sized companies such as any digital marketing company in Egypt. They are subjected to tremendous pressures, which often cause disorder and disorganization, resulting in great damage to good and effective planning. There is great damage in the marketing process of the company, and here highlights the importance of planning in that it is considered a crucial process, taking a step forward needs to be insightful, and implementation according to this vision means saving a lot of time and money.

4. Content is not king

One of the common mistakes made by many marketers in some companies is the taking of content or description of certain sites or other pages and then placed within this site as the owner of this subject, and this leads to catastrophic consequences of the site may lead to punishing him from the search engines, The search engines unanimously and especially Google always prefer the content unique and exclusive and non-replicated, and there are some tools and sites, whether free or paid, which can determine whether the content is copied from another reality or not.

5. Lack of interest in the media

Media (such as videos, pictures, GIF) are better, faster and more attractive to attract customers' attention, as they say (image is better than 1000 words). Lack of interest in media is the biggest mistake among marketers because they do not remember that the image or video component the content does not care about the details of the media. Also, there is a psychology of colors and colors used for all products. It is one of the elements of the brand.

6. Ignoring the views and ambitions of the client

The customer is the basis of the success and development of the company, so attention him is necessary for the continuation of the company, often occurs in some companies, including digital marketing companies that they provide excellent content and service, but they ignore the views and desires and ambitions of the client and sometimes attack the client, Where the owners of the business, in the beginning, are  interested in sales only and marketing for direct sales without attention to the views of customers, although it explains many mistakes and weaknesses of planning , specially in the field of digital marketing in Egypt, which must be interested in the company to avoid alienating customers.

7. Be annoying

One of the most important tools in marketing, especially e-marketing in Egypt is advertising, including sending text messages or emails randomly to non-people interested in your domain is a loss of time and effort, so it is best to send to the public potential with a call to action and you can send a special offer within these Messages for these, so expect a conversion rate CTR and sales very high, with a list of 1000 emails interested is more effective than one million random email and consider you as spam, which affects the site negatively.

8. Lack of optimal use of updates

Some digital marketing companies cannot keep pace with developments in the technology world such as the use of VR, bots, AMP and search engine updates, especially mobile. Other updates, which are considered a terrible development in the world of e-marketing, the lack of technological development and the recognition of a kind of luxury is leading the company's exit from the competition. Development and modernization are the spirits of the times and the main factor in the development of companies.

9. Don't test and don't learn

Digital marketing is a matter of testing and trying, starting with the foundations of analysis and analysis of customer behavior. It is a continuous test that helps you choose between options. A common mistake is to believe that the test is only one time. The loyalty develops with technology.

10. Do not use data and do not check your success

With the spread of artificial intelligence, the customer became in constant contact both at home and abroad, which in turn provides you with a huge amount of data and information about customer habits and purchasing behaviors. In addition to data on markets and competitors, data is readily available in your hands. This is one of the common mistakes is not to use them enough, also do not put a measure of work, do not think that the completion of the preparation of the plan and implementation, you are finished, but you must measure the success of your plan you do not know the efficiency and success of the marketing plan only through (KPI) to learn from your mistakes.